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Purchasing a product

After logging in to the online environment for companies

you will be able to use the e-store application customised for your company.

Product prices, delivery methods and conditions, and payment terms are agreed in advance and apply to all orders placed in the name of your company.

Products can be searched by product name, product number, or EAN code by using the search field marked with a magnifier.

Having found the required product

select the amount and move the selection to the shopping cart with a mouse click.

Then, you can carry on purchasing products or move on to checkout by clicking on the link “Proceed to Checkout”.

If you continue shopping, you can again use the search field with a magnifier or find products by product groups through the product group menu on the left side of the page.

Having selected the next product to place in the cart, you can again carry on shopping or proceed to checkout to finalise your order.

(picture, no need to translate)

Before finalising the order in checkout, you can change the delivery address and/or method. You can also add an order number or order reference, if you wish.

It is not possible to change the billing address or payment method in checkout. The billing address is always the address of the company represented by you and the payment method depends on the conditions agreed with the company represented by you.

When you have checked your order and accepted the delivery terms, click on the link “Place the Order”.

(picture, no need to translate)

In a few minutes, you will receive the order confirmation e-mail.