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Description of a register (523/1999) 10 § that corresponds to the Personal Data Act

1. Registrar

SRS Fenno-El Oy (y-indicator: 0703787-7)
Robert Huberin tie 7
01510 Vantaa

Phone: +358 (0)20 743 4700
Fax: +358 (0)20 743 4710

2. Person managing the register

Jukka Tarkkonen / firstname.familyname(at)

3. Name of register

SRS Fenno-El Oy customer register

4. Aim of processing personal data

Personal data is handled for organising, managing, developing and analysing customer relations and administration related relations, for informing customers, planning and directing marketing, developing customer service, and planning and monitoring business activities. The personal data in the register may be used as allowed by law for analysing and developing the business activities of SRS Fenno-El Oy and the registrar’s marketing, including directed marketing that considers the interests of the registered customers.

Information regarding the purchase behaviour of the service users prior to registration and other information regarding the use of SRS Fenno-El Oy’s services will be stored in the register. Information regarding the purchases and use will be used to analyse registered activities and for profiling, as well as for developing, changing and directing discounts, offers and customer relations related information offered to the registered person taking into account the registered person’s interests.

5. The register’s information content

The following information, as well as changes to that information may be handled in the register.

General information, such as:

- Contact information, such as name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses;

- Registration information, such as username, nickname, password and other possible distinguishable marker;

- Gender, education, job title, mother tongue;

- Information regarding the customer relation, such as billing and payment information, product and order information, customer feedback and contacts, information regarding competition and campaign answers, and cancellation data;

- Communication related data, and data regarding the use of services, e.g. browsing and search history;

- Possible profile and interest data provided by the customer;

- Possible permits and agreements;

- Possible data regarding offer blocking;

- Other possible data collected upon the customer’s agreement;

- Information regarding the identified customer’s purchases from the online store;

- Possible guarantee related data.

6. Regular sources of information

Personal data will be collected directly from the registered persons. Purchase and behaviour data on the registered persons will be collected from the registrar’s register system and electronic information system.

7. Regular assignment and transmission of data to outside the EU or the EEC.

Customer data will not be transmitted to third parties; the data will remain only at the disposal of the registrar. Customer data will not be transmitted to outside the EU or the EEC.

8. Protection of the register

The registrar’s information system and files are protected with standard technical protection methods used in business. A personal username and password are required to use the register; these will only be provided to the registrar’s employees, whose position and work assignments include such rights. An access control system has been put into service in the registrar’s rooms.

9. Verification, prohibition and amendment rights

Pursuant to the Personal Data Act, the registered person has the right to verify, which data has been stored about them in the register. A verification request may be presented as a personally signed written application to the following address:

SRS Fenno-El Oy / Asiakaspalvelu

Robert Huberin tie 7

01510 Vantaa

The registered person has the right to contact the registrar and demand the amendment of incorrect data, and to prohibit the use of their data for direct marketing, distance selling or other form of direct marketing, and for use in market research and opinion polls.